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Native Plant Specialization

As our urban ecosystems undergo constant stress and disturbance, building strength with native species is critical to managing our natural spaces. 

Riparian Restoration

The interface between terrestrial and aquatic systems is a delicate place. Riparian restoration requires careful, interdisciplinary planning to address the known disturbances, and efficiently mitigate their future effects.

Habitat Enhancement

Biological diversity gives our ecosystems resilience during adverse climatic conditions. Enhancing habitats, by creating and maintaining a good arrangement of cover, food, and water for resident flora and fauna, is key to nourishing diversity. 


Naturalization is not simply greening landscapes and untamed vegetation growth.  Forestry and re-vegetation in rural and remote areas are vastly different from the manicured urban landscapes of many cities, and standard approaches don’t always meet the need of every site.

Urban Forestry

As cities continue to expand, the preservation and restoration of our urban forests is critical.  At BLI we specialize in embedding native vegetation into the urban interface.  Plants provide health benefits to insects, animals, and humans alike, so working creatively with clients to increase well being in our cities is key.

Park Construction

Parks contribute to the economic and environmental well being of our cities.  At BLI we understand that as cities densify, these spaces remain as cornerstones for surrounding residents, and a key ingredient to sustainably developing their neighborhoods.

Erosion Control

Water, wind and human induced disturbance are significant contributors to the degradation of soil quality, rising water quality issues, and adverse effects on human health. 


Employing the latest bioengineering and ecological restoration techniques, our team of experts can help revitalize urban ecosystems through living infrastructure.