About Us


Canada, a country of vast wilderness, is increasingly becoming a nation of managed ecosystems, transportation corridors and cities.  As our natural systems face increasing impacts, the choices we make to strengthen natural environments will shape what our children will inherit, and the strength of the economy we leave them. 

Brinkman Living Infrastructure builds three things into every project: ecological integrity, fiscal sustainability and quality of life.  With a project catalog wide in range, from arranged urban greenscapes, to busy major transit corridors, and rugged mountain slopes, our expert team is trusted in implementing diverse and challenging projects.  No matter the project type, our goal is to reduce maintenance costs and improve relationships between people and their surrounding environments.

Our ambition is to promote installations that foster natural cycles for filtering air and water at the local level.  These improved landscapes reduce erosion, flooding and landslide risk; create healthy habitats for fish and wildlife, all while saving land managers and taxpayers money on maintenance, energy, fertilizer and irrigation.  It's time to upgrade to smart, sustainable approaches that utilize the strength of nature.  Developers, governments, and landowners can count on Brinkman to bring experience quality and innovative approaches to every project.

How we work

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We work with urban planners, public utilities, civil constructors, governments and land management agencies to deliver on time, on budget, safely executed projects with timely communication and reporting. We bring professional management and implementation expertise to solve diverse restoration challenges.

At BLI, we recognize that the successful development and implementation of sophisticated landscape restoration methods occurs at the intersection of Landscape Architecture, Biology, and Civil Engineering.  We work creatively with our clients to meet the unique challenges of each site.  Our managers recognize that clear communication through each step of a project is critical, so we prioritize this communication style from initiation stage to project close.  Our field teams operate within a comprehensive OH&S system to ensure a safe work environment for both our employees and the general public.

About Our History

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Brinkman Living Infrastructure (BLI) is part of the Brinkman group of companies. Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. began in 1970 as a group of friends who won one of the first tree planting contracts in BC, and has grown to become one of the largest reforestation contractors in Canada, having planted over a billion trees, redefining the art and science of forestry along the way.

BLI began in 1998 in response to the opportunity to bring best practices and technical innovations to a wide variety of ecosystem restoration situations resulting from disturbances in urban settings, transportation corridors, and industrial sites.  We're excited to meet the challenge of creating sustainable habitats and plant communities wherever solutions are required.  

Our work is primarily focused in the Greater Toronto area and Southwestern BC, but we've continued to deliever projects throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Southern Ontario.  BLI has transformed thousands of hectares into productive natural habitat, restored ecosystems around development sites, and remediated transportation corridors to achieve a balance between human impacts and a sustainable, healthy landscapes. 


Where we work

Brinkman Living Infrastructure has operational headquarters in British Columbia and Ontario.