Case Studies

Project Details

Project Partners: Strathcona County, Kiley Marchuk

  • Outplantings were installed in upland riparian habitat, inundated shorelines, and novel island ecosystems
  • Wide range of stock conditions included live stakes, bare root plugs, potted stock, and native grass seed
  • 30,000 m2 of land naturalized in conventional terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and recently created island ecosystems create through geotechnical failure.
  • Multiple treatments of Liquified Compost Extract (LCE) to ameliorate low nutrient, compact soil, and increase success of early plant establishment.

Project Details

Project Partners: BGC Engineering, Simpcw First Nation, TransMountain, CN Rail, Polster Environmental Services

  • Using soil bioengineering solution, over 18,000 live stakes of Populus Balsamifera planted for slope stabilization above railway in Fall of 2019
  • 2500 m2 of land stabilized to protect transportation and resource service corridor from geotechnical failure
  • High density formation at 7.2 stakes per m2
  • Successful habitat stabilization through local, early successional native vegetative outplanting

Project Details

Project Partners: City of Toronto

  • Since 2008, Brinkman has successfully bid the majority of City of Toronto naturalization work, averaging approximately 40,000 trees and shrubs each year.
  • Conditions of plants installed include live whips, bare-root, and potted stock, in a variety of sizes.
  • Planting sites range in size and type, from 100m2 to 20,000m2, from riparian zones, old dumpsites, freeway medians/clover-leaves, park augmentations, etc.

Project Details

Project Partners: Vineland Research and Innovation Center

  • Applying our services as they work to develop criteria for cost effective naturalization strategies on MTO easements.
  • This work showcases our specialized tilling and deep soiling approaches as well as addition of soil amendment, mulches, and varied planting practices as directed by Vineland staff.

Project Details

Project Partners: City of Brampton

  • We have been pleased to be part of the Parks and Open Space projects over four seasons.
  • Each year we have planted roughly 20,000 whips and shrubs, and 1000 calipers.
  • Each year included the addition of soil amendment and tilling in excess of 15,000m2.

Project Details

Project Partners: City of Toronto, GO Transit

  • Our most recent retaining wall was a combination Green Terramesh® system and stone gabion.
  • At its highest it was 8m with a total length of 216m.
  • This wall wrapped around a condominium foundation on an industrial brownfield next to a CN line, offering many challenges to foundation works and coordinating shared access issues with other contractors.
  • Our team also installed a vibration barrier within the wall that is equal in height and length to the wall.

Project Details:

Project partners: Mark Adams, ECL Envirowest

  • Construction of wattle grid on riprap slope face (6000 m2)
  • Installation of 7000 m3 of custom blended soils
  • Installation of 25000 pacific northwest native intertidal and wetland plants
  • Installation of 5000 shrubs and trees in upper riparian areas
  • Overall establishment of 6,000 m2 of intertidal habitat and 5,000 m2 of riparian habitat

Project Details

Project partners: Werner Kuemmlin, City of Brampton

  • 60,000 m2 of intensive site preparation including layout, mowing, tilling, and installation of amendment (3000 m3) and mulch (6000 m3)
  • Installation of over 60,000 potted shrubs, 3,000 potted trees and 1000 caliper trees
  • 24 months establishment maintenance including irrigation, fertilization and replacements
  • First rotation replacements totalled less than 5% of material planted

Project Details

Project Partners: Dave Matsubara, Kerr Wood Leidel Associates 

  • Supply & insallation of 500 mof vegetated geowrap slope treatment
  • Sourcing & supply of custom blended fast draining growing medium
  • supply & Installation of live cuttings, trees and shrubs
  • Installation of automatic irrigation system
  • 12 months of establishment maintainance 
  • Establishment success: 98% on trees/shrubs, 100% on grasses and wetlands bench plants