Sea to Sky highway improvement (Hwy 99). Vancouver to Whistler, BC

Project Details

Project Partners – Kiewit Construction & Engineering, Cristina Valentinuzzi

  • Landscape restoration and ecosystem revitalization along 100km of the Sea-to-Sky (Highway 99) between Vancouver and Whistler, BC.
  • Supply & installation of over 10,000 m3 of custom blended soils, and over 100,000 mixed native plants, for both roadside landscape and riparian habitat compensation
  • Consultation and review of adaptations to preliminary design with owners to assure satisfaction of terms of reference
  • Excavation, compact loaders, truck and crane, and hand digging methods were used to complete works
  • Locally sourced plant stock and custom soil blends (<200kms) to ensure seed provenance and adaptation to mountain conditions
  • Overall works contributed to forest edge reintegration, active sediment control, habitat enhancement and new forest canopy reconstruction.