H159 Riparian restoration

Project Partners: Kiewit, Hatfield Consulting, Triton Environmental

Project Details

  • Multi-site construction and implementation of Fraser River riparian habitat. Installation of terrestrial and aquatic outplantings along tributary interface, incorporating naturalized Coarse Woody Debris (CWD) avian wildlife features.
  • Over 11,000m2 of terrestrial and aquatic habitat restored; 8785 m2 terrestrial habitat and 2291m2 aquatic habitat
  • Habitat construction used imported topsoil blend (+20,000 m3) to construct appropriate planting medium.  Installation of large vertical CWD snags were installed intermittently with excavators to augment avian habitat along shoreline.
  • All materials sourced locally (<100kms) to ensure swift acclimatization to ambient conditions.  Combination of custom soil blend, live stakes, potted, bare root, CWD, and mulch per individual outplanting.
  • Concluding the 5 year monitoring period along this busy transit corridor, effective irrigation and invasive species management efforts have displayed successful habitat development and vegetative establishment.  Dedicated cooperation and communication between consultants, construction management, and provincial transportation management, has allowed this project to be successful.